Disable javascript validation from my eclipse project?

I been using Eclipse for my projects, recently I run in to some problems with Eclipse while going through the Two-Minute-Tutorial 5  for Android. While setting up a  new project using the AppLaud Phonegap plugin for Eclipse  with jQuery Mobile, I got an error with my jQuery library – after some investigation – I found that the problem was caused by having the Javascript validation enabled in Eclipse.

How do you disable the Javascript validation in Eclipse, it’s not that straight forward – you need to take a few actions to disable.

Turn off the JavaScript Validator in the “Builders” config for your project:

  1. Right click your project
  2. Select Properties -> Builders
  3. Uncheck the “JavaScript Validator”

Then restart your Eclipse.

If that do not solve your problem or is a bit drastic for you, then  you can selectively remove some JavaScript sources from validation.

  1. Right click your project
  2. Select Properties -> JavaScript -> Include Path
  3. Select  Source  tab. ( It looks identical to Java Build Path Source tab )
  4. Expand JavaScript source folder
  5. Highlight  Excluded  pattern
  6. Click  Edit  button
  7. Click  Add  button next to  Exclusion patterns  box.
  8. You may either type Ant-style wildcard pattern, or click  Browse  button to mention the JavaScript source by name.

That should be it, your choice  which  method  to use.


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