Data project: I became an environmental data collector

Autobahn near Osnabrück
Autobahn near Osnabrück

At the beginning of the Corona epidemic, I wrote an article about a personal data project I had worked on: The air I breathe how polluted is it?. I became an environmental data collector by purchasing a wearable, portable indoor-outdoor air quality monitor. My interest in air quality is about the fact that I have asthma and I need to take precautions where ever I go and try to avoid triggering my asthma.

In that article, The air I breathe how polluted is it? I mention that I wanted to measure my in-house pollution and collect data to do some analysis and write up an article on those findings. This article is not exactly about indoor pollution, even if it is included in the dataset I have collected – I did not separate out indoor and outdoor data in my dataset.

To collect the data I did some research and decide to invest in an Atmotube PRO  wearable, portable indoor-outdoor air quality monitor. The Atmotube PRO detects PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 pollutants, like dust, pollen, soot, and mould, plus a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Atmotube Pro – Device

The Atomtube collects the data in real-time from your immediate surroundings updates the Atmotube mobile app that is letting you know the air quality in your most visited locations: home, work, running or cycling route. Is the air in these places really safe for you, if not the app will notify you if the air pollution is bad.

Atmotube Pro Mobile App
Atmotube Pro Mobile App

Collecting Data

Data that is collected by the mobile app, there is an option in the mobile app to save the data collected to a .csv file, after you saved the file you can upload the file to in my case Google Drive with the Google Drive App.

In this article Splitting addresses with Google Dataprep, I will explain what steps I took with the data before I created the analysis and plotting of the data I collected.

Data Studio Report

I created a BigQuery dataset from the Atmotube data, this allowed me to make a Dashboard in Data Studio, here is a screenshot.

data studio dashboard air quality
data studio dashboard air quality

Python Notebook

For plotting and mapping, I created a Python Notebook, that you can view below.


This was a fun project as I touched many data sciences steps by collecting the data, cleaning and enhancing the data and then finally analyze and present the data. If you have any comments do let me know.

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