Cycling in New York

I recently took a bike ride from Toronto to New York, what surprised me visiting New York, how cycle friendly New York City has become.

I did not have much time in New York to cycle some of the great cycle routes in New York City, I was limited to the area around Chelsea market and “The High Line” and the areas around, there was a bike share program available in this area of New York named the Citi Bike. The price to borrow a bike is not what I expected, you need to get a 24hr or 7 days pass, which just gets you the access to a bike – then you pay per ride based on the time you spend.

New York has many bike friendly streets and cycling in New York is a great way to explore the city, if you do not bring your own bike then Citi Bike will do while you are in New York.

One of the great bike rides is along the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway – a dedicated bike lane that goes along the Hudson River and crosses past parks, piers, boardwalks were you could stop for a drink or a bite.

Like in any bike-friendly cities, there is cyclist that bends the rules and jeopardize for others, here a short video how some cyclists in New York bike against the traffic on a one-way street.

If you are visiting New York, add a bike ride to your itinerary and ride along the bike lanes to take in the places around the city, I did not get time to bike in Central Park, you should add that to your list.

Here is some pictures from my visits.



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