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Cycletrippin the summary – I done it

Cycletrippin the summary – I’m back home, yeah I did it, my body has recovered after 10 days of cycling and a skillshare, I have settled nicely back with the family, work and training schedules. Yes, I’m back in training, signed up for Stockholms Triathlon on August 24th, time to get the running and swimming up to speed.

To summarize my trip, I went through 5 countries on my ride, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, and Spain in that order. Accordingly, to my cycle computer, I biked 1,440 Km, the average speed over that distance was 19.1 km/h – I’m ok with that, I was aiming for an average of over 20 km/h. I wore out the back tire, had 2 punctures, I have to say, a pretty good bike ride.

Here are some highlights of the trip



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    great start

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