Cycletrippin Day 7: Montélimar to La Grande-Motte

I have reached a place in the Mediterranean called La Grande-Motte. I put my toes in the sea and tomorrow morning I will have a swim if it is warm enough.

I started Cycletrippin Day 7 early in Montélimar and headed out towards Nimes. I rode through fields of cherries and apricots so I stopped to buy some. They were delicious! As I got closer to Nimes, I went through a national park where there were two steep hills that I had to climb through.

When I got through, I had finally entered wine country and saw wine yards back-to-back. I stopped at a few places for samplings although after I passed a Monsanto establishment I decided that I had enough samples.

As I neared my destination, La Grande-Motte, I cycled past a lagoon full of Flamingoes. I thought that they’re such great birds but then I thought “Are they birds?” I also crossed paths with a 70-year-old cyclist, another Englishman as well as an Italian couple in their 60s. I also nodded to several others who were on the opposite side of the road and could not stop to chat.

France seems to be on the move. There was a high number of trucks that passed me, even on the smaller roads that I rode on.

I’m staying the night in La Grande-Motte and heading out early to bike to Narbonne where I will be meeting up with my friend Alex to relax a bit.

Dedicated to Tell the Norwegian government to stop Statoil from Arctic Oil drilling

Today’s music Martin Jondo – rainbow warrior


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