Torbjorn Zetterlund

Wed 04 2014

Cycletrippin Day 6: Vienne to Montélimar

by bernt & torsten

Today the weather was not as great as it rained sporadically. Last night I stayed in Vienne, a small town south of Lyon on the bank of the river Rhone, which is surrounded by beautiful hills.

I was really exhausted from yesterday’s ride so I stayed in an Ibis hotel and had a good night’s sleep. I met a group of cyclists in the hotel who were riding from London to Florence. They had a support team with them, which included a masseuse. The support team transported their belongings from one place to the other which meant the cyclists were allowed to ride without any baggage. They thought my approach to the ride was crazy.

Today, I rode along the river Rhone on a dedicated cycle path for most of my ride. Early in the day, I met an English man who was riding alone in the opposite direction. His bike ride was from Rhone to the Rhine and planned to go through Breda, Brugge, and Dunkirk to get home.

I did not use my GPS at all today since the path I followed was well-marked, which made for a great ride.

I can feel that I’m getting close to the Mediterranean. The temperature is rising and at 21:00 it was 20°C.

I will be doing a shorter ride tomorrow as I head towards Nimes. I would like to see the Mediterranean tomorrow evening.

Signing off.

Dedication goes to A genocide we can stop

Today’s song is Spirit In The Sky Norman Greenbaum