Cycletrippin Day 4 – Djurslövs Brygghus – Pensionat Björkelund Stenbrohult

What a day, showers, showers, showers, sun, showers, showers, sun, showers – Not sure what more you need, it was mentally tiring with all the rain, I got through it and I arrived in time to Pensionat Björkelund Stenbrohult a few kilometers north of Älmhult.

The significant about Älmhult is that the first IKEA store was built in Älmhult, that is the place IKEA got started.

3 Tunnbrods Rullar later I arrived at Pensionat Björkelund Stenbrohult, run by a Swiss Couple, today’s crowd at the Pensionnat are 3 German ladies and 4 Czech guys, 1 German lady works for an Ikea competitor that specializes in Swedish styled kitchen, the other two German ladies are just traveling around to view Sweden. The 4 Czech guys are movers, they are in Älmhult to pack a container of household items for an IKEA employee that is moving to Portugal.

Good crowd, fun to talk to – I’m tired signing off now.


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