Torbjorn Zetterlund

Sun 01 2014

Cycletrippin Day 3: Amneville to Neufchâteau

by bernt & torsten

Cycletrippin Day 3 started early in Amneville where I stayed the night. The first part of the ride was easy; I followed the river Moselle and went on dedicated bike paths that google maps provided me with. The only issue was that google maps recommended any path as a bike path so I ended up biking on paths that were no bigger than a walking trail.

About halfway through the ride, I left the Moselle to get to rolling hills. In the beginning, it reminded me of the rolling hills of the North of Toronto. Some parts were really cool as you went down one hill into a village and on the other end, you had to climb out of the village.

I eventually cut the ride short and ended up in Neufchâteau about 120kn north of Dijon. I got a nice room to stay the night and I had time to go out and have some dinner. I tried to find a French cuisine restaurant, although instead, I found kebab, Chinese and a pizza place. It turned out the pizza place had some local business as well as sushi. I guess anything goes to survive as a business.

The hotel I was staying at had a bar and it seemed very popular with weekend biker groups. During the day I passed many biker formations. At one place where I stopped to buy water, 4 bikers came in with their Harley Davidsons. They were all above my age and one guy needed help to get off his bike. It reminded me of the John Travolta movie ‘Wild Hogs’.

Tomorrow is a rest day and I will just bike a short distance.

On another topic, as good as google maps are, the device that runs them is unsatisfactory. I will buy a proper map so I know where I am. I just went with my gut instinct during the last part of today’s ride. It is actually fun if you do not need to be at a specific place at a given time.

Today’s dedication goes to the perfect crime

Song of the day Canned Heat – On The Road Again