Me at Drie landen punt

Cycletrippin Day 2: Aachen to Amneville

My cycletrippin today went from Aachen to Amneville, I crossed 5 countries! The day started in Germany, cycled up to Drielandenpunt (the point where Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium connect), then I went through Belgium, Luxembourg before finally entering France.

I’m spending the night in Amneville just 20km north of the Metz. The room I’m staying in is one I found on the website ‘Airbnb’. It is an apartment that belongs to a teenage girl, though she has to give it up during the Summer when her mother will rent it out.

The bike ride today was hard. There were many hills and some long climbs. It reminded me of the Sunday rides I used to do in Ontario near Toronto.

I said yesterday that I learned to I need to make the rides shorter so I have a little more time to recover and get a good meal. So far I’ve lived on supermarket food and high-calorie sports snacks.

I’m surprised my legs were in good condition today. They worked better than yesterday and seem to like hills.

That’s all for now.

Today’s dedication is to Detox Fotbal

Today’s Music Maurice Ravel BOLERO



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