Cycletrippin – Day 1 Amsterdam to Bremen ops Delmenhorst

My aim today was to push as far as Bremen in one day, I did not make it, I fell a little short. I made it to Delmenhorst, Germany – which according to Google Maps is about 15 Km from Bremen. Why did I not make it, I run out of daylight, I had to stop and find shelter as it was not that fun to bike in the dark, especially on Friday night.

To my recollection this is my longest ride ever it was over 300 km in a day, took me about 15 hours with all the stop along the way, the ride was good, did not feel too bad, the trick is to constantly eat, It is amazing how much abuse our bodies can take.

At the end when the darkness came, I felt really good – I had a pit stop in Cloppenburg to boost my calorie intake, I needed something small and packed with calories McDonald was the solution – A Big Mac with a Coca Cola – after that, I could have gone to Stockholm straight, the pity is that we have night and days – the night was approaching very quickly so I had to find shelter.

In the darkness I arrived in Delmenhorst, it turned out to be difficult to find a shelter, there was plenty of bars and restaurants – I could not discover any hotel or Guesthouse, maybe I was tired, cycle around town to see if I could find a place, my mind started going shall I sleep in the town park, or should I break a shop window and let the police host me for the night.

Suddenly a motorbike appears to stop on the side, – the guy on the bike reminded me of one of the hairy bikers, I asked him if new a place he was useless he had no knowledge about a place I could stay at for the night. Eventually, I run into a couple, they were very helpful they told me about a hotel near the train station.

I found it it was named the city hotel, it was located in a heritage building, I got a deal paid for the number of hours I would use the room, I actually got two rooms, I got a bedroom and a separate room that was the bathroom, both rooms had room number 201, the bathroom was only for the guest of room 201. The catch was that the rooms were not close to each other, it worked out, there were not that many guests in the hotel.

When I settle in, I went to the bar as I really wanted a beer, this was Friday night and I was the only person in the bar, I just wanted a beer, got myself a hybrid wise beer – it was dark in color – I did not fancy it too much. After finish, the beer I went to bed.






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