Cycletrippin – Amsterdam to Stockholm to Amsterdam

I did not tell you all how I would travel to Stockholm for the Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholms on August 24th. My travel plans are simple I will take my bike to bike from Amsterdam to Stockholm and back to Amsterdam. This will be my longest trip this year, a round trip of 3,000 km – I will have to travel on ferries to get to and from Sweden, on my way to Sweden I will take a ferry from Travemunde to Trelleborg and on my way back to Amsterdam, I will take a ferry from Gothenburg to Frederikshavn in Denmark.

I will leave Friday, August 15th from Amsterdam and plan to be in Stockholm about 7 days later, which will give me a few days to rest up before the race. I will be blogging about my trip to keep family, friends, and others interested up to date about my whereabouts.

It will be a strenuous cycletrippin, I’m prepared I already have made one long bike ride this year from Amsterdam to Barcelona, and have kept my fitness level intact – actually I have got a bit of top speed on the bike as I lately focus on specific triathlon training. Unfortunately, I have not been able to train swimming due to a shoulder injury, I hope to have enough strength in the shoulders to complete the swim leg of the triathlon in Stockholm, that would be enough then I can take back lost time on the cycle and running leg of the race.

Here is a map of the preliminary route to go to Stockholm and back to Amsterdam.

Bike route
Bike route

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      For most part through Netherlands/Germany you are on bike paths, near Hamburg plan ahead of time were you going to cross the river Elbe. I run into an issue and got tangle in the road maze of Hamburg harbour, and the Ferry I was planning to use did not run on a Sunday.

      If you take the same route as me from Germany to Sweden – try to take the night ferry from Travemunde to Trelleborg, budget for it, you get a good night’s sleep and a great buffet style dinner. The ride through Sweden has it’s hills – mostly rolling hills a few climbs depending on the route you take, I went via Jonkoping, so there was one decent climb out of Jonkoping, just after NorrKoping you will have a steep climb relatively short, the rest is mostly rolling hills – most of the time I was following roads that intersected with the highway E4. When you get closer to Sodertalje, at Vangharad go towards Skansundet you can ride a short ferry, and that way you do not need to ride all the way to Sodertalje.

      I did not camp, I stayed mostly in AirBnB booked rooms, used a budget of about Euro 20/day – the advantage I get is breakfast and a shower, often a private room – good night sleep.

      Enjoy the bike ride.

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