Building strong legs and core

If you are going to invest time in something for your fitness – whether you see yourself in cycling or running – is a pair of strong legs. Your muscles will give you more strength and take your fitness training to new levels. Weight training let you avoid injuries.

In my fitness app Bike Fitness, you will find exercises that strengthen your legs and core. You really do not need more than your own body weight for it to sting properly in the thighs and calves. Add them to your workout or run them solo when you get a spare moment. The most important thing is not when you do them.

You can find the Bike Fitness App in the Google Play Store.


Here are six reasons why you should do these exercise every week.
1st – You build muscles throughout the body.
2nd – it is a functional exercise that makes everyday activities easier.
3rd – You burn fat.
4th – You maintain your mobility and balance.
5th – To prevent damage.
6th – You increase your performance – jump higher and run faster.


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