An early spring bike ride north of Amsterdam

It was a lovely day, the temperature climbed above 10 celsius, the wind was strong and cold so not the perfect day for a bike ride, I been waiting for a day like this all winter. I took my time trial bike out for a ride north of Amsterdam.

I headed north from my house towards Spaarndam, to take a ferry over the Noordezee Kanaal to Assendelft – my plan was to bike from Assendelft to Purmerend and back to Amsterdam. On the ferry there was many groups of cyclists ready for a nice workout or just a leisurely ride. Leaving the ferry I tagged on to some youngsters that set up a high speed ride – we travelled well over 35km/h – I was surprised I could keep up with them.

After 5 -6 kms everyone in the group split into smaller groups and disappeared in different directions, I was now on my own heading towards Purmerend at least that what I thought. This is Netherlands with many waterways and canals, I got it wrong as I could not find a bridge over the river Zaan near Zaandijk, I made a decission to head north and after a while on the bike I recognised a road sign showing the direction to Krommenie, as I have past by there on a previous ride last year.

When I got to Krommenie I remember the way that I taken last year so I went on that memory that took me eventually to Alkmaar, from there i got my bearings right and headed to Purmerend. From Purmerend I headed south towards Amsterdam passing by Landsmeer on the way tills I reached Ferry that took me over from Amsterdam Noord to Central Station. I nice ride on a decent day, I will feel this ride in my body for a few days.

I took some pictures during my ride – here are a few.

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