Amsterdam to Vlissingen – 198 Km

Only two weeks tills my bike ride to Spain, took a ride to Vlissingen to get some mileage in the legs, took me about 9 hour to get to Vlissingen Station. I can now tick off the vlissingen bike ride, I have always wanted to do it since I was down in Vlissingen 3 years ago for a Triathlon.

For most part of the ride I was following the Noordzee Route, Noordzee Route is a cycle network along the North Sea. The Noordzee Route follows the coastline as much as possible. In same place I took a more direct route towards Vlissingen.

I started from Osdorp, headed towards Lisse, then from Lisse I went towards Noordwijk to get on to the Noordzee Route that goes over the Duines (Dunes) all the way down to Hoek van Holland, from there I went to Massluis.

I crossed the river Scheur River on a ferry from Maassluis to Rozenburg, from there I went the more direct route towards Zeeland, You can see from the map below my route.


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