Amsterdam to Den Helder – 110 Km

Had a lovely ride from home to Den Helder, large part of the ride were through the dunes, so no traffic, few people and beautiful sceneries. My Plan was to go to Den Helder and from there to Enkhuizen, I spotted some dark clouds in the direction I was going to head to, added on that I did not have the legs today, some days you don’t.

So I headed to the train station in Den Helder and took a train back home, on the train a family came and joined me, two were young boys, I think 2 and 3. The older boy started to communicated with me in dutch, and we got a long as our dutch vocabulary was on par. The parents spoke a language I could not recognise, they looked like Armenias, I’m not sure if I got that one right.

They got off in Schagen, the mom said by to me, and when they were of the platform she waved to me, I think she was happy that I took to her 3 year old on the ride from Den Helder.

Overall was a great day, nice ride – here is the route I took.


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