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Amsterdam to Den Helder – 110 Km

Had a lovely ride from home to Den Helder, a large part of the ride was through the dunes, so no traffic, few people and beautiful sceneries. My plan was to go to Den Helder and from there to Enkhuizen, I spotted some dark clouds in the direction I was going to head to, added on that I did not have the legs today, some days you don’t.

So I headed to the train station in Den Helder and took a train back home, on the train a family came and joined me, two were young boys, I think 2 and 3. The older boy started to communicate with me in dutch, and we got along as our dutch vocabulary was on par. The parents spoke a language I could not recognize, they looked like Armenias, I’m not sure if I got that one right.

They got off in Schagen, the mom said to me, and when they were of the platform she waved to me, I think she was happy that I took to her 3-year-old on the ride from Den Helder.

Overall was a great day, nice ride.






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