Torbjorn Zetterlund

Wed 26 2016

I added FAT WRAP bar tape to my bike

by bernt & torsten

One of the biggest problems I face when I do a multi-day bike tour is that I get numbness in my hands and that is probably due to the hand position in the drops and on top of the handlebars.

I visit my doctor and he told me that it probably had to do with the ulnar nerve in my hand is pinched. If there is a bend in your wrist it will cause a pinch in the nerve and your hands will go numb.

To mediate this problem, I could either try a different types of handlebars that do not make my wrist bend as much or I could try different handlebars tapes.

I like my drop-down handlebars on my road bike, so I went in the direction of finding a handlebars tape that will give me extra cushions and also has the thickness to not bend my wrist too much.

FAT Wrap tape

I did some research and came across FAT Wrap tape, they claim that the FAT Wrap tape reduces numb fingers and sore wrists on a long tour, and stays grippy and comfy for the long haul.

Another option that I could have explored was to double wrap my handlebars, I went with the FAT Wrap tape – got them ship to my address and installed them on my handlebars.

I got a two-pack, they came nicely packaged.

The FAT Wrap tape uses the thickest cork-EVA tape on the market, specifically designed for multi-day bike touring.

Since I have got the FAT Wrap tape installed on my bike, I have been out on a long single day to ride up to 200 km, and I notice a reduced numbness in my hands, so it is working. I need to do more multi-day rides to see how it works for days after days on the bike. That will come in spring as winter is starting to come to my current residence.

A few things that I noticed, I like the thickness of the FAT Wrap tape, it gives me a good cushion to hold my hands on the handlebars. The grip is good, I tried it on a rainy day and the grip was still good.

If you are looking for reducing the numbness in your hand you should try out the – FAT Wrap tape.