A ronde of markermeer

I’m living in Amsterdam for the last few years, as a cyclist, there are many good rides you can do on a weekend, the one that you should do if you are in Amsterdam is the Ronde of Markermeer.

My ride started at Amsterdam Central station, I jump on a ferry to take me over to Amsterdam North, from there I followed the Noordhollandsch Kanaal to Purmerend. From Purmerend I head north towards Hoorn, passing by Middenbeemster. In Hoorn, I followed the Zuiderdijk that took me to Enkhuizen, were the Houtribdijk dam road starts and goes all the way to Lelystad. Houtribdijk is a dam between IJsselmeer and Markermeer and is 30 km long, has a dedicated bike lane with few cyclists on it, at least when I rode it.

Getting of Houtribdijk in Lelystad I headed towards Almere – with the wind in the face I reach Almere Haven and from there I headed towards Muiden and to Amsterdam. The whole ride was around 180 km, here is the map.

Here is the gallery from that ride.


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