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A Poem: Why Most People in Tech Don’t Really Work

The tech industry is full of lies and deceit, Hypocrites preaching equality and treating their employees like meat, Silicon Valley, is the land of the free, But don’t forget the sweatshops in China where they exploit their employees.

Hypocrisy in the tech industry, Fake promises and a false sense of dignity, They preach diversity and equal pay, But behind the scenes, it’s just a facade, a charade.

Social media platforms claim to promote free speech But censor content that they don’t want you to reach, Tech billionaires preach philanthropy, But hoarding their wealth and avoiding taxes, is a travesty.

Artificial intelligence a technological feat, But what about the people it puts out of work on the street, Tech startups claim to disrupt the status quo, But in reality, they want to grow and grow.

The tech industry is a world of illusion, Where hypocrisy is the norm, not the exception, So before you invest or apply for a job, Remember to look behind the curtain, don’t get caught in the fog.







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