Torbjorn Zetterlund

Fri 11 2020

A Poem: The Selfish Agenda: How We Destroy Our World for Personal Gain

by bernt & torsten

We talk about climate change like it’s some abstract notion, But we ignore it ’cause we’re all about self-promotion, We’re selfish creatures, who only care about our own fate, Even though our actions have a global stake.

We drive our cars and burn fossil fuel without any remorse, Greed and profit, are our only driving force, We exploit nature, and destroy it for our own gain, We never think about the consequence of our own fame.

We take and take, and never give anything back, We leave the planet in ruins, an environmental attack, We cut down forests, pollute the air and sea, We turn a blind eye, and all we care about is “me”.

We create wealth, but at what cost to our planet, Our disregard for the environment, like a plague, Spreads through our society, a disease without a cure, We’re addicted to consumption, that’s for sure.

We worship money, it’s our new religion, We don’t care about others, we only seek our own ambition, We don’t care about the future, just the present, We’re too short-sighted, too selfish to be pleasant.

We lobby governments, so they can change the law, To benefit us, no matter what’s the environmental cost, We’re too self-centred, too obsessed with our own gain, We don’t care if our actions cause others pain.

We’re creating a world, that’s unfit for the next generation, We’re leaving a legacy, that’s a source of degradation, We need to change our ways, but it’s easier said than done, We’re so entrenched in our selfishness, we can’t see beyond.

We need to shift our focus and change our ways, We need to think beyond our own selfish phase, We need to care about the planet, and each other, Only then can we hope, to create a world that’s better.

We need to break free from our selfish addiction, We need to take responsibility, for our own actions, We need to prioritize the planet, over our own gain, Only then can we hope, for a sustainable future again.

We need to unite and work together as one, We need to fight for the planet until the battle is won, We need to change our behaviour, and our way of life, Only then can we hope, for a world without strife.

We need to think beyond ourselves, and our own greed, We need to care about the planet, and its every need, We need to be the change, that we want to see, Only then can we hope, for a future that’s free.

We need to put our differences aside and work for a common goal, We need to be proactive and take back control, We need to fight for the planet, like it’s our own child, Only then can we hope for a future that’s bright and mild.