A Poem: The Rise of AI and the Future of Social Justice

But as AI advances, it learns to mimic, To imitate the very things we thought unique, The human touch, the warmth, the soul, Soon replaced by algorithms, we’ll be left feeling cold.

As we stare into the future, we see our jobs disappear, Replaced by machines, with efficiency and no fear, Our skills and knowledge become obsolete, As AI takes over, with speed and deceit.

But what of the social justice, the fairness and the right, As AI takes over, will it give everyone a fair fight? Or will the wealthy and the powerful, the elite, Be the only ones to benefit, as they retreat?

We need to ask ourselves, as we march towards the brink, What kind of world do we want, and what do we think, Of the role of AI, in our daily lives, Will it serve us or harm us, as it thrives?

The answer is not simple, it’s complex and deep, We need to act with caution, and take a leap, Towards a future, where AI and humans coexist, A world where social justice, is not missed.

So, let us not fear, what is to come, Let us prepare and educate ourselves, to overcome, The challenges ahead, and the opportunities too, A world where AI and humans thrive, anew.







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