Torbjorn Zetterlund

Sat 28 2020

A Poem: The Pyramid, the High-Rise, and the Ring of Love

by bernt & torsten

We are but mere humans, with our hopes and dreams, Of getting wealthy and reaching the top, it seems. But in the pyramid of life, only a select few, Can control the power, and that’s nothing new.

Money rules the world, it controls our lives, And capitalism is the game, that only a few thrives. The planet is for all of us, but the pyramid stands tall, As a symbol of power, and those who have it all.

Ancient times saw pyramids, standing proud and high, Today it’s the high-rise buildings that reach for the sky. And while the few bask in their wealth and fame, The rest of us struggle, and it’s such a shame.

Cities have grown, pushing the majority out, Leaving us with nothing but walls to shout about. Ring roads act as modern-day moats, Dividing us, and creating hate and remote.

If you’re inside, you prosper, but if you’re out, You’re left to the mercy of those in the ring about. The symbols of wealth and power, stand tall and strong, While the rest of us struggle, and it’s been so long.

But we are resilient, and we will rise, Above the pyramid, and reach for the skies. For we are not defined by wealth or fame, But by our hearts and souls, that burn like a flame.

We’ll break down the walls, and tear down the ring, Creating a world, where all can thrive and sing. A world where money isn’t king, and power isn’t law, But love, compassion, and kindness, for all to draw.

So let’s stand together, and rise above, The pyramid, the high-rise, and the ring of love. For we are but mere humans, with our flaws and all, But together, we’ll create a world, where all can stand tall.