Torbjorn Zetterlund

Tue 28 2023

A Poem: The Limitations of Agile – A Deeper Look

by bernt & torsten

Agile development, a buzzword so grand,
Promising benefits, a modern demand.
But is it all good? Is it all grand?
Let’s look deeper and try to understand.

Tech work, poorly understood by the business crew,
Leads to overstaffed teams, and tasks askew.
Lack of understanding of what it all entails,
Results in bloating tasks and team morale that fails.

The hype around new technologies is also to blame,
Contributing to tasks that are just in name.
Task bloating and unproductivity abound,
And true progress is nowhere to be found.

Agile tasks, a process that creates the illusion,
Of agility and teamwork, a mere conclusion.
But true productivity is not about tasks,
It’s about building the right product that basks.

In small cycles, the right product is built,
Validated and tested, to remove any guilt.
This follows the agile philosophy, it’s true,
But not limited to a strict task queue.

The benefits of agile are not to be ignored,
But the limitations must also be explored.
Understanding the work, and building the right product,
Is the key to success, and that’s the right conduct.