A Poem: The Degradation of Planet Earth in my Lifetime

1957, the year I was born, Nature flourished, but humankind’s footprint began to grow. Environmental awareness was not on the agenda, Industrial development led to a grayer future.

In the 60s, people began to talk about the environment, Conservation and preservation became a human right. But many ignored the warning voice, And continued to destroy, what we love most.

The 70s, a time of environmental crisis, Oil disasters and smog ruled. But voices were raised, to save our earth, And the love for nature, began to grow and thrive.

The 80s saw, political meetings, But environmental issues got no breakthrough. Consumption and technology dominated the conversation, Nature’s value was forgotten and disregarded.

The 90s, a time of green technology, But still emissions continued to increase. Climate change, became increasingly apparent, But many saw it as a distant future.

Year 2000, the world woke up to the truth, Nature cried, we must act, to save it. Climate crisis, a real threat, We must act, to preserve our world.

The years roll on, and we look back, On all the struggles we’ve gone through. In our world, so full of strife, We must strive for sustainability, to save our earth.






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