Torbjorn Zetterlund

Sun 03 2023

A Poem: Enjoying the Ride Through Sixty-Six

by bernt & torsten

In the tapestry of life, woven with threads,
Sixty-six years traveled, where time often treads.
A journey of faces, a parade of the past,
Countless souls encountered, memories amassed.

Names like whispers, fleeting and gone,
In the dance of existence, they move swiftly on.
A symphony of encounters, a cacophony of years,
Some etched in your heart, others lost in tears.

Through the seasons of life, you’ve walked and talked,
Met strangers and friends, shared moments you’ve clocked.
Movies, music, sports, a mosaic of delight,
In the theater of memories, they shimmer bright.

Politics, a stage where history unfolds,
A tapestry woven with stories untold.
Yet time, the silent thief, takes its toll,
Erasing names, leaving stories untold.

Faces familiar, yet names slip away,
A puzzle of memory where minds often stray.
In the gallery of recollections, a faded display,
Yet the essence of connections never fades away.

Growing old is savoring a life well-earned,
A journey through laughter, where lessons are learned.
In the joy of the ride, the twists and turns,
Cherishing moments, as the olden heart yearns.

For each encounter leaves a mark, a trace,
A shared laughter, a moment’s embrace.
In the mosaic of memories, some details blur,
But the impact of connections, that does endure.

So, embrace the forgetting, the fading of names,
For life’s grand tapestry is not bound by frames.
In the autumn of age, where reflections bloom,
Cherish the stories, let the forgotten names resume.

Sixty-six years tell a tale, rich and deep,
Of laughter and sorrow, of promises to keep.
In the grand theater of life, where roles intertwine,
You’ve played your part, in this grand design.

Growing old is the art of enjoying the ride,
A tapestry woven with joy and pride.
In the echoes of time, where memories reside,
You’ve lived well, with arms open wide.