A Poem: Earth’s Forgiveness: Can We Earn Its Love Again?

Once we roamed the earth with grace, And in nature’s arms we found our place, But greed and hubris clouded our mind, And we left our morals far behind.

We ravaged forests, polluted skies, And all the while we told ourselves lies, We thought the earth would always provide, But we forgot that everything has a side.

Now the animals have disappeared, And the planet is scarred and seared, But can the earth forgive our sins, And let us start anew again?

Will the rivers flow clear once more, And the forests rise from the forest floor, Will the sky be free from smog and haze, And the oceans teem with life and grace?

We cannot know the earth’s reply, But we must do all that we can try, To heal the wounds we have inflicted, And show the planet we are truly committed.

So let us make the earth our friend, And pledge to love and protect until the end, For only then can we truly say, That we have earned the planet’s love again.







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