Torbjorn Zetterlund

Wed 05 2023

A Poem: Du Hast by Rammstein

by bernt & torsten

Du Hast by Rammstein,
a song that’s bold,
With lyrics that are simple,
yet so powerful and bold.

It speaks of love and loyalty,
of trust and broken ties,
And its energy and passion,
can help ignite the skies.

It speaks of the pain that it can bring,
And it’s a reminder, that sometimes,
the strongest love is
the one that doesn’t cling.

For the climate movement,
it can be a source of power,
A rallying cry,
a call to action, in this hour.

With its driving beat
and its chorus so strong,
It can inspire the masses,
to come together and belong.

For the Earth is in crisis,
and we must take a stand,
And fight for the planet,
with all the power at hand.

And this song, with its power,
can be a force for good,
A source of inspiration,
in this fight for the hood.

So let us raise our voices,
and sing along with might,
For Du Hast,
can be a beacon of light.

For the future of the planet,
and all the creatures it holds,
And let us use this song,
to help make the story unfold.