A Poem: Climate Change Greenwashing

And yet, despite our best intentions, there’s one thing that remains, A threat that looms above us all, a cause for our disdain.

It’s the changing of our planet, and the toll it takes on earth, A fight against the forces that are causing it so much hurt.

We cannot simply talk about it, or hope that it will go, We must act with urgency, and let our actions show.

We cannot simply greenwash, or pretend that we’re so right, We must make real changes, and put up a good fight.

For flying all over, only adds to the problem’s scope, And getting replaced by robots, just hastens its slope.

So let us all unite, and find a way to do our part, For the sake of our children, and the future of our heart.

For if we do not act now, we may never have another chance, To preserve the beauty of our world, and give it one more dance.







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