Torbjorn Zetterlund

Fri 20 2020

A Poem: Cities’ Collective Backdrop

by bernt & torsten

In the shadowed alleyways of cities, we roam,
Where concrete jungles stretch, becoming home,
Amidst the hustle, bustle, and city lights,
A tale of gangs unfolds on urban nights.

These cities share a common frame and mold,
Airports, stations, history manifold,
Yet what sets them apart, in shades and hues,
Is more than bricks and streets, it’s what they choose.

Climate whispers secrets in the breeze,
Culture thrives in people’s diverse seas,
Food, a vibrant palette, tastes that enthrall,
And nightlife’s dance, a siren’s beckoning call.

In each location, stories intertwine,
From ancient streets to modern neon signs,
But why this constant urge to journey far,
To seek beyond the boundaries where we are?

Is it disdain for roots where we have grown,
A hunger for the seeds of the unknown,
Or simply wanderlust that drives our quest,
To find ourselves in places unimpressed?

Each soul a pilgrim on this winding road,
In search of meaning, where they can unload,
The baggage of their past, to recreate,
A life anew, in cities they relate.

For some, it’s escapism’s sweet embrace,
A brief departure from their daily race,
To do what’s not permitted in their lands,
To breathe in freedom’s air with open hands.

The cities stand as mirrors to our souls,
Their stories etched in hearts, as life unfolds,
In every corner, every hidden nook,
A piece of us, a chapter in a book.

So, let us wander, explore, and roam,
In cities far from where we called our home,
In the pursuit of dreams, we find our way,
Through cities’ stories told, both night and day.