A Poem: Captivity Within the Window Frame

Beyond the window frame, a world does lie,
In all its splendour, neath a cloudy sky,
And there I sit, alone with my despair,
Gazing out at all that’s fair.

The trees sway gently in the breeze,
As birds flit about with graceful ease,
And all around, I see the play,
Of light and shadow, night and day.

Yet, in my heart, there lies a weight,
A sorrow that I cannot shake,
For in this world, I am confined,
To view the beauty, but not to find.

No matter where I turn my gaze,
No matter how I spend my days,
I am but a captive in this space,
A prisoner of my own fate.

So, as I sit and watch the view,
I wonder what it is I’ll do,
To break free from this life of mine,
And find a way to live divine.

But till that day, I’ll sit and stare,
At all the beauty beyond the square,
And dream of a life beyond the frame,
Where I can live without shame.







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