Torbjorn Zetterlund

Tue 26 2023

A poem: Breaking Free from the Chains of Retirement

by bernt & torsten

In the twilight of our years, we find our way,
A journey, not an end, in the light of day.
No need for retirement, that outdated decree,
For we’re not passe, we’re still alive and free.

At sixty and beyond, a new chapter to unfold,
A chance to find purpose, in the stories yet untold.
From tending garden rows, to market stands so bright,
Or sheltering the homeless through the darkest night.

Retirement may whisper, “You’re no longer needed,”
But in our hearts, a different truth is seeded.
We’re not cast aside, we still have much to give,
A reason to wake up each day and truly live.

Loneliness, the silent killer, we must defy,
By staying engaged, our spirits reach high.
Mind active, body moving, our strength we shall retain,
And in this vibrant journey, we’ll ease the aging pain.

Falling is a spectre, a danger we must face,
But with purpose in our steps, we’ll keep a steady pace.
No longer counting days, but moments, dreams, and more,
With every new endeavour, we’ll settle the aging score.

“You still count,” the slogan of our life’s refrain,
In our communities, we’ll find our lasting gain.
For family is the essence, the core that will endure,
Keeping loved ones close, of this we can be sure.

So let us not retire, but reignite the flame,
In purpose and in service, we’ll etch our name.
In the twilight of our years, we’ll find our worth anew,
For we are valued, needed, and forever true.