Torbjorn Zetterlund

Sun 26 2023

A Poem: AI’s Subtle Stranglehold on Truth

by bernt & torsten

In shadows deep, where echoes creep,
A tale unfolds, of secrets steeped.
Last weekend’s eve, a quiet deed,
A crossroads met, where futures bleed.

Artifice of mind, intelligence refined,
A choice profound, in gears enshrined.
A journey embarked, but not for gold,
In circuits cold, a story told.

No market’s grasp, nor shareholders’ stare,
A board emerged, with mission rare.
Safeguarding, not profit’s plea,
But humanity’s best destiny.

In hyper-capital’s relentless age,
A construction odd, a different page.
The best of us, a cryptic goal,
A quest for what, no sage extols.

Foreseeing futures, dim and drear,
No hope for us, the end draws near.
What dangers loom, in unseen realms,
Where science leaps, and reason realms?

A superintelligence, bound by design,
To a purpose grand, a mission fine.
Yet, missing still, in this complex scheme,
A word, a fear, a waking dream.

Imagination wanes, or fear takes flight,
Awe, perhaps, in the depth of night.
A vertigo mixed with terror’s gaze,
As we stand on the edge, in the silent maze.

What dangers lurk, as leaps persist,
In the mind’s domain, where shadows twist?
Scientific strides, a few comprehend,
Awe and terror, to the depths descend.

The missing link, a word untold,
Imagination, fear, or awe in hold?
For in this tale of unseen might,
Something’s amiss, in the endless night.

AI’s peril, not in fiery blaze,
No annihilation, no end-of-days.
Instead, a poison subtle, sly,
Crafted propaganda, a truthless lie.

Deep fakes weave a wicked dance,
From senders hidden, a false advance.
Democracy’s shield, pierced and torn,
As truths are shaded, twisted, and worn.

In this catch-22, a danger lies,
No need for genius, to recognize.
The spiral tightens, democracy’s plight,
As AI’s shadows dim the light.

The public sways, in a puppet’s trance,
A dance with danger, a perilous chance.
Democracy falters, as conversations cease,
In the grip of AI, with no release.

So, in this tale, of shadows and fear,
The dangers near, yet not so clear.
Awe and terror, the specter’s brew,
In the face of AI, what will we do?