A evening in Gothenburg

Skansen Kronan Gothenburg
Skansen Kronan Gothenburg

I’m in Gothenburg, Sweden – tomorrow I will take the ferry towards Frederikshavn in Denmark, I’m staying the night at Linnéplatsens Hotell & Vandrarhem. Linnéplatsens Hotell & Vandrarhem is located very central in Gothenburg, it offers both hostel and hotel room, I have opted for the hostel where I will share a room with bunk beds for 6 people, the rooms are not bad at all, the bunk beds reminds me of being on a Sweden to Finland cruise ship, this will be a new experience on this trip.

Saturday night in Gothenburg, I went for a walk to have a look at Gothenburg, I’m pleasantly surprised, I been in Gothenburg before mostly on business trips or passing through. I have never before taken the time to walk around a look at the city. In the gallery, I showed some pictures that I took.

Gothenburg has an interesting old architecture with some great looking buildings, I headed up to Skansen Kronan – where you can have a great view of Gothenburg from. Watch the steps – it is a steep climb depending on which direction you are heading up from.

I got hungry so I was looking for a restaurant, I found Sushi Naruto – very authentic Japanese sushi restaurant, the owner a Japanese lady was very funny and had me taste the house specialties vegetarian sushi. I have found that vegetarian sushi is a good option to have before you are physically active. Before a Marathon they often say you should have pasta – in my opinion vegetarian sushi works as well, I also bring some vegetarian Sushi with me when I’m out on long workouts or bike rides.

After the vegetarian sushi – I had a crepe with cloudberry sauce, so yummy – reminded me of my childhood – when we use to eat freshly made cloudberry compote with milk. Here is a link to a Swedish recipe for cloudberry compote

I’m getting in bed, a bit worried only one guy in the room, I hope the others will be quiet when they come back to the room.


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