Torbjorn Zetterlund

Tue 21 2023

6 Ways to Improve the Online Payment Experience for Your Customers

by bernt & torsten

More shoppers now than ever do all of their shopping online, whether it be home appliances, clothing, things for their pets, medicine, or even groceries that are not being purchased online. This is only going to continue as shopping becomes easier. If you’re running e-commerce, you already know the importance of making the shopping experience easy, but have you ever considered the payment experience for the customer? This can play a huge part in what makes or breaks the experience for a shopper. So, here are some ways to improve the payment and checkout experience.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

In an age where consumers expect experiences that are faster, easier, and more seamless than ever, it’s essential to offer a variety of payment options. This will help you improve the online payment experience and increase your conversion rates. Plus, when your website provides a variety of payment options, this will also encourage customers to buy from you repeatedly. Some customers will be limited to payment options, especially if they’re from another country.

Another benefit of offering multiple options is that it gives your business credibility. This will help you attract a larger customer base and grow your business faster. It’s important to remember that different generations and demographics of shoppers have varying preferences when it comes to making payments. So, if trusted card not present payments, then you can count on people leaving your website, and you’ll simply lose out on sales.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to payment and the checkout process, simplicity is going to be key. The best way to start is by paying attention to what your customers are telling you. By understanding their unique behaviour, you can ensure your checkout experience is the best it can be. Ultimately, this will help you boost conversion rates and grow your bottom line. 

It’s no secret that customers expect a smooth, hassle-free online shopping experience from brands they trust. To achieve this, make sure you use the following tips to help you deliver on your promise of a superior checkout experience. So, make sure to keep everything simplistic; there is no reason for a customer to shoot through hoops.

Payment Needs to be Easy

Making a payment online is much more convenient than ever before, but the experience can be confusing if customers need to become more familiar with the process for your website. While every website will usually have a different interface, the goal is to keep it easy for customers to navigate. You want to give them options, but only a few to where they can be confused. Also, make sure that the payment portal isn’t filled with pop-ups or spammy landing pages.

Customers don’t like these; they won’t feel like they’re missing out on anything. Instead, they’ll just exit your website. They need to be able to find the cart, the promo code button, and the “Proceed to Payment” option; all of this needs to be considered. If you’re wanting conversion rates, this is going to be how it gets done.

Make it Convenient

Think about Amazon One-Click for a moment, or even Alexa shopping; what makes them so special? They’re quick, easy, and convenient. If you can make it easy for customers to pay with their preferred payment method, they’re likely to stick around and buy from you again. While you should have a shopping cart on your website, you can go the extra mile with quick checkout immediately on a product page. Shoppers don’t like shooting through hoops, which will make everything a breeze.

Ensure it’s Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that 27% of shoppers globally do all of their shopping online? This number is rising, and with more people searching and shopping on their phones, you’re going to have to make sure that your website (and payment portal) is mobile-friendly. A website responsive to mobile users can increase your brand’s credibility and sales. If you’re unsure if your website is mobile-friendly, Google has a Mobile-Friendly Test that lets you check how well it works on a smartphone or tablet.

It Needs to be Secure

As a business owner, you are responsible for providing your customers with a safe way to pay. This means ensuring that you are offering secure online payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, digital wallets, and third-party payment services. Moreover, you should also ensure that your data is encrypted to protect it from cybercriminals. This is the most effective method of securing online payments, as it prevents fraudsters from accessing customer information. If there are data breaches, you can expect to get fined and have customers lose trust in you. All of this is going to be very costly for your business.