Torbjorn Zetterlund

Sun 10 2008

4 simple tips to save money at home and help the environment

by bernt & torsten

Here are 4 tips to save money and reduce climate change. These are simple changes for your home to save money and live environmental friendly:

Avoid standby-mode, can save up to 70 dollars/year.

A TV, Computer or other electronics with standby mode, can consume 50% of power consumption. To switch off the TV completely, you save money and the environment. It cost you about 10 dollars a year to have the TV in standby mode and it is also a fire hazard. Approximately all standby-energy in an average household cost between 70-80 dollars a year.

Change your showerhead to a low, can save up to 180 dollars/year

About 15 to 25 percent of all energy consumed in a house, goes to heat up the water. A family of 4 people that shower 5 minutes per person per day, consume 87,6 cubic meter (One cubic meter = 1,000 liters = 220 gallons) of water a year.

With an economic shower head, the consumption is reduced to 58,4 cubic meter a year. The water bill is lower and the energy consumption is reduced. In total, a family of 4 people could save 180 dollars a year by changing showerhead and other taps.

Seal your windows and doors. Can save up to 150 dollars/year

By reducing the emission of heat from your house, you can reduce your energy consumption. If you close the curtains or blinds at night, the heat is staying longer. Seal your doors and windows can save up to 150 dollars/year in an average size house.

Reduce the heat in your house. Can save you up to 200 dollars/year

If you reduce the temperature inside your hose with one degree you reduce energy consumption with 5 percent. For you that live in an average size, this can be a saving up to 200 dollars/year if you reduce from 22 degrees to 20 degrees indoors.

Other savings you can are:

  • Do not use your dishwasher, wash all your dishes by hand in cold water.
  • Change your regular light bulbs to fluorescent light bulbs
  • Shave with a razor and not an electrical razor.
  • If you have a towel heater or dryer on compared to when it is off