WordPress plugin for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

Google has launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project, an open-sourced project available to any publisher through a Github repository.

Web performance is not unexplored territory for the tech community, users still often see poor web performance, especially on mobile devices. Consumption of news articles and similar relatively static content is often painfully slow, with pages taking a long time to load.

Page Load

How can the page load be improved? The trend has been to switch to native apps on mobile, doing the right thing on the web can be fast if best practices are followed.

Google idea

Google began to experiment with an idea: could Google develop a restricted subset of the things used from HTML, that’s both fast and expressive, so that documents would always load and render with reliable performance?


That is how Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) got started, AMP HTML is built on existing web technologies, and the documents written in it render in all modern web browsers and web views. Google is sharing the code on GitHub to invite anyone interested in a conversation about how to make static content on the web fast.

You don’t have to be a huge publisher to take advantage of Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and take part in the project. If you are a WordPress publisher, WordPress is also onboard developing a plugin to the AMP standard. The plugin will enable WordPress publishers to create AMP versions of posts with a single click.

WordPress AMP

The WordPress plugin is brand-new, and WordPress is looking for help from the WordPress community of finding bugs, you can contribute on the AMP project Github page.



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