What’s in a name

I was running in the Provincial election on the green party platform in Willowdale, on the Torontoist Liveblogs The Ontario Election website the blogist followed the election night hour by hour quote at “9:40 Great election names, volume 2: Torbjorn Zetterlund, of the Greens.” at “9:58 Poor Torbjorn Zetterlund goes down to defeat. I was in your corner, Torbjorn” thanks I apreciate this. So what is in a name, what name is Torbjorn, it is a northern European name mostly used in Scandinavia. It is actually to names put together Tor Bjorn. Tor stands for the god of thunder in the viking mythology and bjorn in English means bear, so torbjorn in english would be thunderbear, a name that rings a acknowledgment amongst the natives in north America,

Read more about the hour to our action of the October 2007 provincial election here.


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