What’s in a name

I contested the provincial election to represent the Green Party in Willowdale. Throughout the night, Torontoist Liveblogs and the Ontario Election website closely followed the election, providing a detailed account of the unfolding events. At 9:40, an intriguing observation was made: ‘Great election names, volume 2: Torbjorn Zetterlund, of the Greens.’ By 9:58, there was a sombre note as Torbjorn Zetterlund faced defeat, prompting a heartfelt comment: ‘I was in your corner, Torbjorn. Thanks, I appreciate this.’

Now, let’s delve into the significance of the name Torbjorn. A northern European name, primarily used in Scandinavia, Torbjorn combines Tor and Bjorn. In Viking mythology, Tor symbolizes the god of thunder, while Bjorn translates to bear in English. Torbjorn in English can be interpreted as ‘thunderbear,’ a name that resonates with the acknowledgment of the native cultures in North America.

Read more about the hour to our October 2007 provincial election action here.






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