Torbjorn Zetterlund

Wed 15 2012

What is that bright light daddy!

by bernt & torsten

While my daughter was growing up she was very active in girls hockey, I spent many evenings driving her to practices and games – when she started university I suddenly ended up having more time for myself as there was no need to take her to any hockey arena, so I got back into sports.

I joined a local triathlon club and started training and racing, I liked my family to come and watch me compete, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment which I can share with them. I had tried to get my daughter to come, but she always had something else going on, I did not give up, I asked her, again and again, eventually one day she said: “yes dad I come and see your race”.

The race was the provincial triathlon in Coburg – I had entered the Olympic distance, to get there we had to leave our home before the dawn. I woke her up and she took her pillow and got into the car and fell asleep again, on our way to the race the dawn came and the sun was breaking the horizon and the first sunbeams hit the car, the sun was very strong this morning and eventually the sunbeams woke my daughter up – and she asked me dad  “what is that bright light”, I replied, “it is the sun”.

She asked me “is this natural”, I replied: “yes, this is how morning looks like”. She replied “oh it is so beautiful”, then it dawned on me that most teenagers are night people and while they grow up they seldom see the transition from night today, especially the closer you live to the equator. From my own experience, I saw the dawn many times when I was a teenager in Stockholm, Sweden, and I realized that seen it “by accident” as a teenager, as the night in Sweden is very short during summer months.

So, I never thought about my children would be missing out of seeing the dawn, so for you people reading this, when there is a beautiful morning just wake your teenagers up and show them what they are missing.