Torbjorn Zetterlund

Fri 19 2015

What device to use for bike cadence and speed?

by bernt & torsten

Over the years I have tried many devices to provide me with data on heart rate, speed, and cadence.

My first device was a regular bike computer attached to my handlebar, with wires that went down the frame and front fork to the speed and cadence sensor. It worked, gave me the information I needed but eventually tear and wear took the cables, so I had to replace it.

Garmin Forerunner 310XT

Luckily I got a Garmin Forerunner 310XT with bike attachment and the cadence sensor still needed to attach the sensors with cables. The Garmin Forerunner did its stuff, and at this time the first mobile training apps were coming out, so I signed up with MapMyRide and have used it since. With the Garmin Forerunners 310XT, I could also record my runs and swim and upload all the data to MapMyRide.

Over time I start using the MapMyRide for my runs and bike rides and I sold off my Garmin Forerunner 310XT and used only the mobile app.


Using only MapMyRide I missed out on getting the cadence reading, the speed was not that important to me, the cadence was, I’m a bit of a lazy bike rider and need a reminder to keep my cadence around 90 rpm.

Wahoo BlueSC

I started looking around, and found the Wahoo BlueSC speed and cadence sensor, it is wireless using Bluetooth, it tracks cycling speed, cadence, and distance with the Wahoo Mobile App and I share seamlessly the details with my MapMyRide account. It works well with my Android as well as my Apple mobile phone.

Sharing MapMyRide
Sharing MapMyRide

I had to invest in a TIGRA Bike mount to be able to see the cadence, it also helps to keep my mobile phone dry and safely on my handlebar.

Wahoo Speed & Cadence
Wahoo Speed & Cadence

The cadence and speed sensor attach easily, first time use you pair the cadence and speed sensor with your mobile over Bluetooth, after that each time you use it automatically starts when you start the Wahoo app and start pedal.

Wahoo BlueSC Pairing Sensor
Wahoo BlueSC Pairing Sensor

I’m very happy with it, I made some comparison with just using MapMyRide for speed and distance, and it is on par.

The limitation is the battery time of my mobile phone, I get about 4 hours out of my mobile phones, that is enough for most of my rides. On long rides over 4 hours I bring an extra battery pack with me.