Useful GCP commands when working with multiple GCP domains

Viking Ship Sandefjord Norway
Viking Ship Sandefjord Norway

I have recently been working on multiple Google Cloud Platform (GCP) domains, I’m not referring to GCP project I talking about different GCP Domains. I have been working with and When working with different GCP domains, I needed to switch back and forth between the GCP domains. I have listed a few commands that are useful when you working from the command line with GCP CLI.

Authenticated with the correct account:

gcloud auth list
* account 1
  account 2

Change to the project’s account if not:

gcloud config set account `ACCOUNT`

authorize gcloud to access the Cloud Platform with Google user credentials

gcloud auth login

initialize or reinitialize gcloud

gcloud init

List the project:

gcloud projects list

- project 1
- project 2...

Switch to the intended project:

gcloud config set project `PROJECT ID`

Check Active Project

gcloud config get-value project

There you have it some useful command to make sure you are on the right project, switching GCP domain – this is just a subset of commands for GCP. Here is a link to the full GCP CLI API commands


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