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Updating Jetpack for WordPress failed – how I solved it in CloudFlare

I got a stupid error with Jetpack, it was all caused by me after I figured out what was the problem. I was trying to authorize my website with Jetpack at WordPress.com.

I received the Error code: -32700, I contacted Jetpack support, they were very quick to respond and told me that there seems to be an issue between your Jetpack site and WordPress.com.

They tested out the connection, and they noticed that there were unable to make an XML-RPC request to torbjornzetterlund.com website – the connection to https://torbjornzetterlund.com/xmlrpc.php were not working. And Jetpack requires xmlrpc.php to make a connection with WordPress.com.

They asked me to check with my host to see if they’re limiting incoming and outgoing connections over xmlrpc.php. That was not the case.

I started searching the web on what the issue could be, eventually, I remembered that I had tightened my security with page rules on Cloudflare.

And there was the solution, I had added a page rule to block any calls to xmlrpc.php, by disabling the rule, the problem was solved.

This kind of things, do happen from time to time as you operate your own WordPress website and you doing so many different things at once. It’s easy to forget what you did if you do not keep a log.

I have been recommended the folks at thunderbeardesign.com, they provide maintenance support for WordPress sites, that will help me with focusing on the content.

You can also check your wordpress website and server speed at Bitcatcha.






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