Torbjorn Zetterlund

Mon 27 2020

Tornedalen Tranquility with Google web stories for WordPress

by bernt & torsten

If you are a WordPress user and you been looking for Instagram/FaceBook like stories to add to your website or have them live on their own as stories on your WordPress site. Google has created Google web stories plugin

The plugin is still in Beta at the time I’m writing this article, I found it to be a very interesting plugin which I can use to publish my large arsenal of photos that I have taken and add an additional spin with a short story to it.

Web Stories are powered by AMP technology, and the Web Stories are tappable, engaging visual stories that you can publish on your WordPress site. They are best used on a mobile phone as you tap the images of your visualise story.

Below is a story that I created from my cycling trip to Northern Scandinavia in 2018 – If you are interested in my trip you can check out my story –

I believe this can be a very useful plugin to add to your WordPress site.