Torbjorn Zetterlund

Sat 18 2014

Social media strategy – unpacked

by bernt & torsten

The Social media strategy work that you need to undertake relies on a couple of building blocks. Depending on the size of your company, the content that you create must be shared in your industry more widely than content from heavyweights in your industry. This is key to building client trust in your company.

Once you start working with new content,  you must have seamless integration with your team and other teams that will contribute to your success. It’s best when there’s no stepping on one another’s toes or over-posting to any accounts.

The social media strategy comes back to these challenges. Here’s a three-pronged strategy for your social media accounts.

  1. Focus on making your social profiles valuable (or entertaining) for the target audience you want to attract
  2. Ensure you take the steps needed to get your social profiles in front of your target audience so that they have the chance to see the value you provide and to choose to follow you
  3. Set aside the time needed to properly engage with your followers and those sharing your content (that’s what usually prompts successful execution).