Torbjorn Zetterlund

Sat 16 2012

Small vs large company

by bernt & torsten

Working for a large or a small company has its differences, the owners of small businesses have an emotional attachment to what they built and operate, while in a multinational there is no emotional attachment, everything in accordance with numbers – employees are numbers, employees are measured by how valuable each one is to the business.

People that work for a multinational do it for money nothing else, their roles are well defined and they work accordingly to boundary of their roles, they are often well educated, in a small business you would have to do a bit of everything outside of your roles boundary, it makes it easier to find something you like and stick with.

People working for a multinational may not be happier doing what they doing, they often have no emotional attachment, it is all about status, making money living a certain lifestyle.

So when you start out in your working career, you might be better off starting at a smaller firm,  Me, I been working for national, multinational, startups and I have to say that the most satisfaction that I got was with a startup.

What do you think, what is your experience?