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#simpledata: A flourish data visualization of major Swedish Political parties

I really like good meaningful visualizations of data that I am interested in, I am also very interested in visualization tools or SaaS solutions that are easy to use.

I recently wrote an article #simpleit: How to build a data platform without a budget where I explained how you could set up an end-to-end data platform. One of the open-source tools I used was Superset, which allows you to analyze and create charts and dashboards out of your data.

Recently I was introduced to Flourish – a data visualization and storytelling SaaS tool. The Flourish tool is very easy to use to create a visualization from an inbuilt data tool which looks like a spreadsheet. The main reason I wanted to try it out was to use the line chart race visualization, explained in the article – How to make a line chart race visualization.

The example in the article was about English politics, so I wanted to do one using data about Swedish major political parties. As I am currently in Sweden and all the talks are around the election in September, I wanted to make a line chart race visualization on Swedish politics. I signed up for Flourish selecting the free plan, and I created my first data visualization of major Swedish political \parties.

It was a straightforward exercise and did not take me more than an hour to complete, which I liked. My biggest issue was selecting which opinion polling data I should use. I found one from Novus Polling Firm, and I filled in the data, and voila, I got this visualization. Enjoy.






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