Torbjorn Zetterlund

Fri 30 2015

Organizational Leaders need to adopt digital at the core

by bernt & torsten

Organizations need to adapt their digital business as part of their core business strategies, who would a leader be able to do this, how would they be able to understand that this is part of the evolution of their organization.

Organizational leaders need to become digital tech savvy, and start transforming their organization, if not their organization will fall behind and the difference for those who truly “get it” and harness digital disruption can mean the difference between winning big and failing hard.

For organizational leaders to understand what is at stake, they need to understand what digital forces are at work and learn how to change the leadership for their organization.

When an organization embraced the new reality they transform them self to a technology company, if a bicycle light manufacturer installs a sensor in the bike lamp and on the bicycle frame that digitally captures a cyclist’s speed, distance, and cadence and communicates this rich data to a smartphone application. That bicycle light manufacturer, in essence, becomes a technology company.

For organizational leaders to understand how to take digital to the core of their products, it helps to see the big picture of highly disruptive macro forces.

  • Resolution revolution – The effect of our ability to see and sense infinite detail the physical and digital worlds and precisely control things, events, and outcomes.
  • Compound uncertainty – The intertwined timing opportunity and uncertainty of the three tipping points of technology performance, regulatory change and cultural acceptance.
  • Boundary blurring – Digital and physical worlds merge and create alterations in industries and organizational structures as we know them.

Organizational leaders that fail to acknowledge the changing forces may miss opportunities, or watch their organization subsumed by competitors or start-ups.

For organizational leaders to making strong digital moves, they need to change their way of leadership for the digital age. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Remap your industry – How must your worldview change, and what fundamental industry paradigms must you rethink?
  • Remodel your enterprise – What does your enterprise need to become, and how will you redefine your company?
  • Remake yourself – Who do you need to be, and how must you remake yourself as a digital era, relevant leader?