Well versed in all aspects of enterprise information services leadership and functions, Torbjorn offers critical and function-specific leadership competencies in the following areas.

Strategic Planning & Direction

A highly proactive independent analytical self-starter, solution-focused, strategic planner with the ability to estimate and manage resources, budget, and costs. A change agent who provides thought leadership, support, and continuous improvement to achieve strategic business objectives in operational efficiency, profitability and shareholder value.

Organizational Leadership

Natural ability to understand an organization, navigate and problem solves in ambiguous business situations, strong verbal/written communicator with demonstrated success relating to all levels of management. Able to improve processes within the organization by partnering with all levels of managers within the organization. Respected as a motivational, lead-by-example change agent and advocate of empowerment and accountability.

Project Management & Integration

Led multi-cultural implementation teams across multiple time zones, implementing the company’s solutions throughout the world. Redefined the project delivery and planning by grounded in the principals of project management with a thorough understanding of risk, reward and results.

Resource Management

An energetic and caring staff manager, able to coach, mentor and motivate staff throughout the organization. An effective problem solver, proven team builder, and motivator with strong interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. Builds solid business relationships through trust while maintaining a fair, firm and friendly approach.

“Torbjorn first came across my radar back in 1997 as I was researching new resources for my clients. He was always a very amenable guy to a progressive conversation which allowed me to get a real handle on the man behind the role. I found him truly a pleasure to work with, open and candid in his approach to business, entrepreneurial in nature, and welcoming to new ideas. He’s definitely someone that you’ll enjoy collaborating with at any level.” Peter G. Goral, Owner, ITEX Strategies International






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