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I love a challenge

I love a challenge, I been a bit lazy lately in my training, my bike training is on track, the running and swimming portion of triathlon have been suffering, there is going to be a change.

As of today, I joined a challenge, the Runner’s World Run Streak to help me until I begin full out training for the Stockholm’s Triathlon in August. As I’m doing a cycletrippin to Spain, I will start running at least 2 km per day, every day, the challenge started yesterday (Monday, 26th May) and will go on for 40 consecutive days.

I will be tracking my progress through the MapMyRun website.

I realize now that for me a challenge is what I need to motivate myself to achieve a goal, the cycletrippin to Spain is one challenge and now the running portion, just need to figure out a swimming challenge, maybe swimming the English Channel who knows.






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