Torbjorn Zetterlund

Tue 04 2014

I be cycling from Amsterdam to Barcelona

by bernt & torsten

This year I will go on a long bike ride from Amsterdam to Barcelona, I will kick off my first leg in late May to be in Barcelona by June 8th. From my early planning, I will be cycling on an average of 250km per day, the total distance will be about 1,500 Km.

I will be doing the cycling legs over 8 days, I have planned two rest days to let the body recover from long-distance cycling. My training has started, doing a long trip you need to get used to the mileage and different weather conditions.

I will test different equipment during my training runs such as clothing, bike gears, mobile apps for cycling, GPS or manual navigation tools, food and drinks.

You can come back and read how I’m doing in my preparations.