Torbjorn Zetterlund

Mon 25 2012

How to setup a development environment to develop Andorid apps with Phonegap on Eclipse

by bernt & torsten

This is a guide on how to get started  developing  Android application using Phonegap with Eclipse.

  • From Eclipse ADT, Select Help -> Install New Software
  • Click Add to enter a new Repository site
  • The Name field is optional, “MDS AppLaud 1.2” suggested
  • In Location, enter the download site:
  • Select OK
  • Select the New Site and Check the box to the left of PhoneGap for Android
  • Click Finish and Follow the prompts
  • Set the Android SDK Location  (Note: Recent version of ADT will do this automatically)
  • Window -> Preferences -> Android and set path to your SDK
  • Note that on Mac it is  Eclipse  -> Preferences -> Android
  • Window -> Preferences -> AVD Manager to set up an AVD if you want the simulator
  • More at
  • Note:  The Android SDK Location is  workspace specific. If you start using a new workspace, repeat this step to re-set the Android SDK Location.
  • Download the Eclipse Web Page Editor (if necessary)
  • If your Eclipse installation doesn’t yet include a web page editor for html files  
    • Will be necessary if you have a brand new Eclipse Classic or Eclipse for Java
    • Install New Software -> Work with: Indigo (or Helios) ->Web, XML Java EE, and OSGi Enterprise Development -> Web Page Editor
  • Optionally adjust the Eclipse JavaScript Validation rules
  • Eclipse -> Preferences -> JavaScript -> Validator -> Errors Warnings  
    • If you select Enable JavaScript semantic validation, adjust the settings below as you like
  • Alternatively or in addition, see the instructions in the tutorial link below for using JSLint.
  • Create a PhoneGap for Android project
You can now start developing your Android apps!