How to choose and hire software developers for fintech apps?

The rate of adoption of global FinTech escalated to 62 percent in 2020, in the middle of the lockdowns happening all over the world due to the pandemic. While digital wallets and online payments were the biggest contributors to the growth, the rise of stock trading and cryptocurrency became a driving factor for the success of the industry as well.

As enterprises, financial firms, and startups realize how important digital finance is, more and more financial software development services have become available. Today, there is a massive demand for fintech developers who could build solutions to reap competitive and economic benefits. Let’s check out ways how to choose the right financial software development company.

Hire Financial Software Developers—the How To’s

Finding the right partner for any financial software development requirement could be challenging at first. Nevertheless, with expert tips and reliable data, the entire process could become seamless.

Perfect Competencies

A successful financial software development company should have the ideal competencies first and foremost. Moreover, the service provider should have qualified engineers and certified developers for bug-free software. Make certain that the service provider you are dealing with has access to Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, data mining, and predictive analysis. Financial software development involves having a strong command of the coding knowledge to be able to write error-free, clear codes to fuel the mobile financial system.

Nonetheless, standard coding languages used to create financial solutions are Java, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, and Scale. Thus, make sure that the company had dedicated experts in JavaScript, .Net, Python, Java, and so on.

Capacity to Organize

The size of the development team could vary during the different development stages. Make sure that the service provider has the right pool of engineers as well as IT experts to handle the project. Moreover, the developers should possess an adequate level of seniority and expertise.

There should also be a team of dedicated members, such as developers, designers, UI/UX experts, testers, finance experts, and so on. The strategic company should have an efficient and mature hiring process to hire the best people for the job. Furthermore, make sure that the developers are familiar with the financial industry’s fundamentals.

Cybersecurity Management

When it comes to developing a software solution for the fintech industry, security is always the biggest concern. Keep in mind that even a minor effort could dramatically impact your business. Thus, you and your service provider should be very cognizant of the broader issues in security.

The developer should be familiar with solutions to security issues. Thus, make sure to verify their knowledge of sensitive information security procedures. Moreover, they should adhere to the proper standards and rules when developing a product.

Managing Risk

Financial software development services also mean having a high level of trust since the products developed work with extremely sensitive customer data. So, when choosing a development partner, make sure that the company has a risk mitigation plan to prevent conflicts later on.

If a company fails to deliver the desired quality of the product and fails to comply with regulations, then it should have a plan ready to compensate. Additionally, make sure that the service provider accepts the terms and conditions of your back source before signing and sealing the contract.

Previous Works/Projects

The works and projects carried out are the primary measures of success of any development service provider. When choosing a financial software development company, never hesitate to check out the portfolio to determine what kinds of products the team has worked with in the past. Expertise grows if a company has experience in different projects.

Moreover, engineers could come up with new ideas, based on their learnings from past projects. Consider references from past clients as well. It is always a great idea to check out the customer feedback on the provider you plan on working with.

This will help you learn more about the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, you can also request practical demonstrations from providers of digital wallet solutions.

The Technical Skills

Part of the process to hire financial software developers is identifying the coding languages, libraries, frameworks, and specialized knowledge. This directly depends on the kind of app you want the developer to create. For a cryptocurrency platform, for instance, you should make sure that the candidate has a complete understanding of blockchain technology.

Another thing is to hire front-end developers who are responsible for translating the design into code to make a great user experience. To do their jobs well, they should know the following:

  • SEO to boost organic website traffic
  • How to test websites and apps with different devices and browsers
  • Different libraries and frameworks, including AngularJS, Bootstrap, React, and
  • Faster loading times with Web Performance Optimization (WPO)
  • How to use version control systems for keeping tabs on code changes

Backend developers, in contrast, handle the development side that users can’t see. The role is crucial to the process since the front end will not work without it. Backend developers should know how to:

  • Use relational and non-relational databases
  • Build servers for processing user requests
  • Create APIs
  • Store data in databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB
  • Build and deploy data structures, including array operations and list functions

The Benefits

Hiring a dedicated software developer for a fintech app or solution yields great benefits.
Some of these benefits include:

Latest Technologies

The software development firm could provide an expert team to meet your fintech
needs. This also gives you access to skilled experts. The development company could
help build tech solutions based on the latest innovations, which include the following:

  • Apps that enable investing and direct payments from mobile devices using eWallets, which are prevalent these days.
  • Blockchain technology simplifies processes and handles big-scale transactions better.
  • Robo advisers assist customers in making data-driven, good asset management decisions.

Enhanced Security

A fintech software development service provider could help with the cybersecurity risk management and mitigation of your brand, help you in regulatory compliance, and detect and prevent fraud. Useful innovations include AI to identify and minimize fraudulent activities online. Moreover, biometrics technology helps make the financial software product virtually hackproof.


You get the latest in technological innovations to provide your customers with a personalized and secure experience when you hire financial software developers. At the same time, you also get to increase your efficiency and position your business higher.

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